Photo by Lasse Seger

Photo by Lasse Seger

Welcome to the Raney Legacy!

If you’re looking for information about the late, great guitarists Jimmy & Doug Raney and pianist Jon Raney, you’ve come to the right place.

Changes to this site both large and small happen about every few weeks, so please come back and visit. Note that with the recent passing of my brother, Doug Raney, this site is officially devoted to both Jimmy & Doug Raney.

Rest in Peace, Doug Raney (1956-2016)


Jimmy Raney Biography continued: page 9!

Raney Photo Gallery!

Transcription: Tres Chouette from Jimmy Raney Visits Paris (vol 2)

Transcription: I’m Old Fashioned from Doug Raney: Back in New York

The Touch of Your Lips – Doug Raney solo

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