Tim Quinn

tim-quinn2Guitarist/Teacher Tim Quinn

San Diego, CA

Teacher: 29 years teaching experience
Performer: all styles
Author: Instructional books, Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
-University of Denver-Lamont School of Music (1982)
-Berklee College of Music (1983)
-B.M. degree in Jazz Guitar, University of North Texas (1987)
-Postgraduate at SDSU, master’s Jazz Studies program (2012)
“I cannot tell you how much your brother Doug’s playing has come to affect me. I have spoken to many other people online about him, as well. My transcription transcription of Doug’s solo from the song “I’m Old Fashioned”, from 1997’s  Back In New York was done on the same model guitar that Doug played on that record, the 1984 Fender D’Aquisto Elite.
The process of doing the transcription on the same model of guitar that Doug was playing has been somewhat of a ‘consecration’ of this guitar, for me. Doug was an amazing musician. This transcription will be worthy of honoring Doug, as if I was presenting it to him, myself. Thank you, Doug. Thank you, Jon. Thank you, Jimmy.”

Doug Raney solo: “I’m Old Fashioned” pdf icon
Back in New York (1997)
Transcription: Tim Quinn

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