Jimmy Raney Book in Progress

After much thought and consideration on this matter and not having been able to produce the finished work as promised for several years, I have decided as a gift celebrating what would have been Jimmy’s 85th birthday to release a large portion of Jimmy’s original unfinished work with sectional updates in pdf form along with a preview of what is to come from me (chapter 5).**PDF file last updated 8/31/12. Should all be correct now.

The book project as many of you know is a collaborative effort incorporating much of his original submitted manuscript to Mel Bay now shown here as well as some of my theoretical and analytical work on my father’s style to come. The latter section still in progress compromises another workbook section and nearly another 2/3 of the total work (currently 11 chapters, destined for at least 12 or 13). The pdf doesn’t include some solo examples he made to accompany the book. There are some that were lucky enough to receive copies of his original handwritten manuscripts directly from him in lectures and lessons. Those of you will probably recognize what I have posted here, albeit a little cleaner in pdf format. You might also notice the small editions and annotations I have woven into his original sections. Those of you who didn’t I give the challenge of picking up where the insertions are 🙂

Please drop me a line and let me know what you think. And if the materials and this site are helpful to your growth as a musician and appreciation of Jimmy’s genius please donate generously to the project via paypal.

All the best,

Jon Raney


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