Fan Transcriptions

This page is for fans of Jimmy Raney. Over the years I have often received many transcription offers from fans and musicians. I’ve decided to devote a page to this.

Enjoy! Keep ’em coming.

Jimmy Raney Solos:

Transcription: Xavier Doré, Guitarist (France)

pdf icon“Pennies from Heaven”
Jimmy Raney Visits Paris, Vol 1 (rec 1954)

“Pennies from Heaven” – Jimmy Raney solo

Transcription: Joep van Leeuwen, guitarist, composer, educator (Netherlands)

pdf icon“Anthropology”
Live in Tokyo, (rec 1976)

“Anthropology” – Jimmy Raney solo

Transcription: Luca Giberti, Guitarist, Educator,
Sound Music School, Conservatory of Livorno, Mascagni (Italy)

pdf icon“Pardon My Bop”
Al Haig Meets Master Bop Saxes, (rec 1948)

“Pardon My Bop” – Jimmy Raney solo

Transcription: Francesco Cigna, Guitarist & Composer (Denmark)

NEW! pdf icon“Tres Chouette”
Jimmy Raney Visits Paris, Vol 2 (rec 1954)

“Tres Chouette” – Jimmy Raney solo

Doug Raney Solos:

Transcription: Tim Quinn, Guitarist & Teacher (USA)

NEW! pdf icon“I’m Old Fashioned”
Back in New York (rec 1996)

“I’m Old Fashioned” – Doug Raney solo

 *note. Transcription accuracy rest with the contributors.  That said, I am not expecting errors given most who have contacted me about their transcriptions are fine musicians in their own right.
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