Marvin Fourte

Chicago, Illinois

Professional: Writer, Editor, Marketer

Currently: Coordinator of Student Philanthropy at Saint Xavier University

Musicianship: Jazz enthusiast, jazz guitarist, part of Saint Xavier University Jazz Combo

Comments from Marvin:

“I was sucked in by Jimmy’s ability with melody and how he had a seemingly endless pocket of improvisational ideas. After discovering the site, I discovered that all the Raney’s have creative and enriching musical abilities. It is an honor to have contributed to the site and the Raney legacy in whatever capacity I could.”

Marvin Fourte is a young man whom I came to know via my site mailbox. As noted above, he is a writer, aspiring jazz guitarist and a huge Jimmy Raney fan. However he (as tactfully as he could put it) had some issues with the grammar, usage and stylistic coherency of my site pages. After getting over the initial ego blow of the critique, I realized that for an English major, suspect use of the language is probably like bad timing for a jazz musician – it’s irritating and sticks out like a sore thumb! I am only an amateur writer and am grateful for his suggestions, creative edits and usage corrections.

If you have come back to my page and found the pages suddenly flowing better and more concisely than your first visit, then likely you have Marvin to thank for that. He is a fine copy editor, works quickly and is fun to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future and seeing how he progresses through his career and life in general.

Thanks Marvin!

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