Happy Birthday Doug Raney

Monday, August 29th, 2016

It’s still hard to believe he’s gone less than 4 months. All of us his family, friends and fans still mourn his passing. But let us mark this moment on Doug’s date of birth  with the joy and excitement he gave all of us. Listen to your favorite record and groove to one of his great solos. I’m on a vacation right now as per usual at end of August. Working on a transcription of Doug’s ultra-swinging solo to The Touch of Your Lips. 1 chorus done so far. This is the entry music to the website as most of you know. Should be finished up and made available as pdf on the site when I return.

We all miss you my brother



Happy Birthday Jimmy Raney 2016

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

the-masterHey Folks,

In this year’s homage to my father, jazz master Jimmy Raney (1927-1995) I address a few issues at once.

First, “Happy Birthday Dad!”(I am now waving up to him)

Second, The Jimmy Raney book. (I am now looking down at the floor, sheepishly)

So, those of you that know me, waited patiently as I hinted and hinted on this book and it never came to pass.

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Ever Had One of Those Technology Scream Days?

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Sometimes I think technology is out to get me… Seriously:)

lg g3So my phone is really messed up. It’s clicking on its own, dialing people, enabling programs, and moving my little shortcuts to places unknown. After fighting with Verizon to get me a replacement phone, I’m trying to deal with getting some local files off the phone that I’m going to lose when I replace it. Problem is – like many people affected by the recent Android Marshmallow update, file transfer mode is disabled now and there is nothing that can be done to get this phone to switch to anything other than charge mode. …Continue Reading

The Aftermath of Doug Raney’s Passing

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

MEMORIAL_MRDOUG-11aIt’s been over 6 weeks since my brother’s passing and although there is still the unreality of Doug really being gone, I do feel acceptance setting in and life – more or less – returning to normal.

All the ideas I had that I discussed with Doug:  of helping turn his life around, fixing his teeth, finally getting to do a recording with him, devoting a page where he could answer to his fans and give music tips, now all of this is impossible. So what now?

And now the question facing me is, what do I do with my life? And when I refer to life what is the thing that it is that is returning to normal exactly? Is life my day job? My commitments that I make for myself or for others? My family? Or what a contribute to humanity as a whole that has permanence?

Don’t have the answers unfortunately. …Continue Reading

Doug Raney Memorial

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Doug RaneyIt is difficult to describe my feelings of grief adequately in words. What is going through my mind evolves from minute to minute. I cry suddenly thinking about an unresolved regret or hearing Doug’s beautiful passionate guitar tone and phrasing on a recording. I laugh suddenly at something I remembered Doug saying. Or I sit in silence contemplating what I must do while I’m here in Denmark to bring Doug’s passing to a proper close for those close to him. …Continue Reading

Goodbye My Brother

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

rp_Doug7-201x300.jpgDoug Raney (1956-2016)

Doug was a very private person. My nature is (was) to protect him from public scrutiny and the airing of all the things that happened to him in his life. Obviously, this is just not realistic. News travels at the speed of light in our day and age so many of you have heard the news. It is unfortunately true. …Continue Reading

World’s Greatest Dad… T-Shirt? Cool new souvenir for jazz guitarist fans

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Most sons think their Dads are the greatest. The tallest, the smartest, etc. I remember one kid I knew back in Louisville who used to say, “My day-yad is taller than ‘nyone. He’s six-tway-elve”.  Now I remember the kid’s father. Pretty tall but he wasn’t Shaq, ok?  The important thing I guess was that he felt like he was.

JR T-shirtNow of course me, I always thought my Dad was the world’s best guitarist, by a mile. Thing was though, he was and plenty of people, unrelated to me – from novice guitarists to his famous peers  – believed he was. Imagine that for a kid. And they still say it. Incredible. And he is probably one of the smartest guys around too (see this story I published a while back).
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Blast from the Past: Creating Jazz Lines

Monday, February 9th, 2015

billy-excerptAs a prologue (or epilogue given prior post?) I have to admit that I’m by nature more of a intuitive when it comes to thinking about solos. Plus it’s kind of in my DNA. That said, below is one thing I did work on and think about in terms of architecture. I think it may help as an organizing principle if nothing else for students receiving and not too happy with the “you’ll just hear it” advice. …Continue Reading

Jimmy Raney Fans: Some Stuff Under the Hood

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

rp_File0030_edited.0.jpgI think many of you are familiar with the Jimmy Raney Legacy site by now. However I’ve noticed that certain features of the site don’t get much traffic and perhaps on first glance seem a bit under the hood. Basically the site is constantly evolving. Here are some items that you may not know about:

Everybody Digs Jimmy  – Quotes by famous jazz guitarists about Jimmy

Transcriptions and Fan Transcriptions – Contains downloadable PDF as well as reference tracks

Jimmy Raney Forum – I expected a lot out of this feature but it seems to have fallen out of use. Feel free to post questions and topics and interact with other Raney fans. Topics are focused on the Raneys but it really could be about anything. Feel free to post suggestions.



Blast from the Past – So what do YOU do when you’re driving?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

photo by Doug Raney

photo by Doug Raney

Many people have bad driving habits. Giving the finger, blabbing on the cellphone, fiddling for a station on the stereo, etc. Aside from the obvious vehicular dangers created, this doesn’t seem like very worthwhile behavior. Dad was very good driver but one day he became intrigued by the low pitch he always heard when passing over the bridge. It was at a definite pitch and it was created by the tires passing over those little spaced rivets found on many bridges. Given his fascination for physics he set out to figure out how far apart these rivets were in order to produce the pitch he was hearing at the speed he was traveling. …Continue Reading

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