Ever Had One of Those Technology Scream Days?

Sometimes I think technology is out to get me… Seriously:)

lg g3So my phone is really messed up. It’s clicking on its own, dialing people, enabling programs, and moving my little shortcuts to places unknown. After fighting with Verizon to get me a replacement phone, I’m trying to deal with getting some local files off the phone that I’m going to lose when I replace it. Problem is – like many people affected by the recent Android Marshmallow update, file transfer mode is disabled now and there is nothing that can be done to get this phone to switch to anything other than charge mode.

I’ve read dozens of posts and downloaded apk files. Debug mode is on. Developer mode says file transfer mode is on. It just doesn’t work. I’ve tried to upload the files wirelessly to the cloud. Can’t do it. Also I’m on the last 2 days of my paltry Verizon data plan at 94% and running out but I can’t connect to wifi to save on data because my phone keyboard has a bug and it won’t type the letter r which I need – because I recently changed my password. It will type the 2 adjacent letters. Sometimes it will resolve on its own but I can’t replicate when that will happen. I am trying to talk the letter in but my phone is too busy clicking the enter key on its own and interrupting the process. ugggggggggh.

So the new phone is coming via Fedex. Verizon told me it was coming USPS. Why is that a problem? Because I have some douchebag Fedex driver who lies about coming to the house and leaves notes on door that no one is home. He has done it many times and I have complained to Fedex about it.

Will this turnaround for me today? show of hands anyone?


Sorry for the brief divergence from my usual musical themes. Just lettin’ off steam. WOOT… WOOT!!

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