The Aftermath of Doug Raney’s Passing

MEMORIAL_MRDOUG-11aIt’s been over 6 weeks since my brother’s passing and although there is still the unreality of Doug really being gone, I do feel acceptance setting in and life – more or less – returning to normal.

All the ideas I had that I discussed with Doug:  of helping turn his life around, fixing his teeth, finally getting to do a recording with him, devoting a page where he could answer to his fans and give music tips, now all of this is impossible. So what now?

And now the question facing me is, what do I do with my life? And when I refer to life what is the thing that it is that is returning to normal exactly? Is life my day job? My commitments that I make for myself or for others? My family? Or what a contribute to humanity as a whole that has permanence?

Don’t have the answers unfortunately.

One of things that struck me is just to play Doug’s tunes in his honor. I have Doug in my head, coaching me now.  The same way my father is/was. I’m playing his songs a lot now. Every day I play his originals “Feo’s Waltz,” “Something’s Up and on other tunes he made popular such as “The Dolphin” (Is there anyone who plays that tune better than Doug? I don’t think so! Perfect phrasing of the melody and tempo)  and “For Heaven’s Sake” (he plays it in same key as Billie Holiday. Another reason he plays ballads so well. He learns them from singers!). Started on Pat Martino’s “Lean Years”Though not really sure I can add anything that wasn’t already done by Pat or Doug. But I will try (*note to self- Don’t start playing “So What” during last 16 of “Lean Years– even if you have 8 bars of D- doesn’t mean you drift of into D minor land of stupid, lol). “Visceral Drives” is a great loose tune of his with open modal section done from the album Something’s Up. Would love to do that one. I guess, I’m just trying to get the next level, even if I never play in public again. Just be more like Doug and Dad. Don’t play bullshit. Keep your focus. Swing. Play something that others want to listen to and copy.  Can’t do it yet? Try dammit!

In terms of Doug archiving and dedication on this website. I have an open invitation to all of my Danish friends whom I connected with recently to send me Doug (or even Doug- related) videos and pics that I don’t know about. I hope they haven’t forgotten. I have a transcription coming soon for I’m Old Fashioned from a site contributor.  I will definitely be adding more things to the website blog and bio pages. As most of you can see, the site is now officially dedicated to Dad & Doug with Doug’s great ultra-swinging version of “The Touch of Your Lips” playing as entry page music. I have a friend that will hopefully help me resurrect the activity on the Forums and start new topics. It’s a bit difficult to do it all. So all help is welcome.

Below is a recap of the Doug Raney Memorial that was made compiled and edited by Cille Silverwood-Cope and shot by her production team. A beautiful tribute.

For those of you interested in a bit more of the music in it’s entirety, a FB friend Torben Nielebock posted clips via his cell phone. Musically it’s quite clear and there is some great playing there captured.  Killer playing by four young guitarists, as well as a tune from quartet set of saxophonist Tomas Franck and my buddy Ben Besiakov on piano. You can see Doug’s son James clearly sitting there in front.

Tribute #1 

Tribute #2



PS: A big shout out to my friend, guitarist Rick Stone. I had no idea until recently that he is seriously ill. We are all praying for you,  man.


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