Delusions of grand-doer?

Yesterday morning I had a flood of ideas entering my head about jazz piano. A full blown post in my head. Video clips, music clips, explanatory text, etc. So much that I thought I had better not commit it to one post but a planned series. What better idea than to pace things out and have continuous content, right? Of course I needed to get to work and it was getting on the late side.

This morning (Saturday) I get up.

I have no idea what the F$$k I was thinking about Concerned

Anyway, I’ve gotta reinstall that WordPress app on my phone. It’s a little involved in terms of credentials but would’ve been helpful in this situation. I could’ve been putting the thoughts down into the phone offline.


I remember a similar experience when I was dreaming years back. I had full blown performances that I was playing with tunes I had never even played before. Incredibly real. The music was complex but very musical. Sort of like those involved through-composed tunes of Chick Corea. When I woke up I thought maybe I could write them down.


Ever happen to you? Were those thoughts real or just fuzzy thoughts of grand-doer?

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