A Blast From the Past

Below is a video of a gig I was on made by the saxophonist Tony Heath along with his wife, vocalist Kate Scott at the Spotlight Cafe (part III of III) in Jan 1994. The bassist is my pal Ed Fuqua and drummer Joe Smith.The film is both an homage to Tony Heath’s Mom and a little slice of life in the NYC clubs as well as our playing at the time. This former folk cafe became Caliban and then folded by 1996 I believe. The sound captured is very good and Kate and Tony are sounding really nice on this. We had a regular gig at the time and we were keeping pretty sharp. I think the late comedian Vaughn Meader (best known for his imitation of JFK) had the slot after us on at least one occasion. I have a little solo piano spot on Every Time We Say Goodbye at 2:38. Ah, to have healthy head of hair again…sigh


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