Happy Birthday Doug Raney – 2013

As happens often, I’m usually away on vacation on Doug’s Birthday, Aug 29th. Just back from New Orleans. So another belated one. Be that as it may, let’s celebrate my brother’s return to jazz scene. He’s playing better than ever despite the wear and tear he’s been thru the last few years.

He’s featured on a new record out under bassist’s Jesper Lungaard name, celebrating the music of Horace Parlan, with whom he’s recorded several albums (Horace can no longer play due to illness). See my sidebar for details.

For those of you who may only be familiar with Jimmy Raney, Doug is one of the smoothest most natural swinging guitarists around. He has his own style, branching from Jimmy Raney but a clearly identifiable style that has had an influence on the next crop of guitarists. Frankly when you boil it down he’s easily one of the best jazz guitarists in the tradition around overall. Timing, taste, phrasing and sound. When I hear other guitarists I realize how good he is. Few seem to compare on these very important jazz essentials. They are either too stiff, staccato, passionless or overly technical. Doug is the perfect combination of the tradition and modernism. And like Dad, he’s probably more amazing live. If I unearth my career again, I’m going straight back to Denmark to record with him, one way or another.

Happy Birthday bro


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