R.I.P. Bob Brookmeyer. Dies at age 81

I was late to discover this unfortunately. Bob died of cardiopulmonary arrest just short of his 82nd birthday on Dec 16th, 2011 in New Hampshire. He was quite active at the end and I interviewed him earlier this year about Dad and life. I kind of picked up on a personal dichotomy; on the one hand he described to me having finally arrived at marital bliss with Janet and a beautiful home in NH and a new record in the works, he nevertheless had political concerns about this country and I thought I picked up on a certain amount of general restlessness. He has made a home in many places both here and abroad. Perhaps some of that is a given in this case. I never got his approval on the final transcript but I intend to release it posthumously with any incriminating names or references made removed (he had strong opinions:)).

Obviously his connection to my father was primary. His closest friends/colleagues in no particular order were Stan Getz, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim Hall, Attila Zoller, Red Mitchell, Teddy Kotick, Hall Overton and Howie Collins.

Below is the NPR broadcast about him:

Bob Brookmeyer/NPR broadcast

Bob was an exceptional trombonist, arranger, pianist and composer and he will be missed.

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