Doug Raney vs. Jimmy Raney on Billie’s Bounce

For those of you who like to compare Doug to Jimmy, here’s your chance to compare them directly on the same tune with these two videos posted on YouTube.

Interestingly, for those who say that Doug plays like Jimmy you would have to admit their approaches – although very similar- have some very noticeable differences in terms of tone and attack, time feel, melodic content and general phrasing style as evidenced by these videos. You’ll note along with his signature complex bebop groupings, a Charlie Christian lick creeping into Jimmy’s playing, while with Doug you have Parker’s original counter line on the head as well as some modern chord comps and a hard bop descending II-V pattern to IV. Regardless, what you will find in both is a melodicism that sticks with you.

I’ll leave it to the listener to choose a favorite (if necessary).


Jimmy Raney plays Billie’s Bounce

Watch on YouTube

Doug Raney plays Billie’s Bounce

Watch on TouTube

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