Concerts and Coughing

Recently, I re-discovered this little solo excerpt from a live concert from 2000. Although at the time I was pretty annoyed, when I listen now, I can’t help but crack up at the gentleman in the audience apparently in need of a lung operation during the performance.

When I think on it I realize now that coughing during a concert is an established nuisance universally tolerated but secretly despised by performers and other audience members alike probably since the dawn of time.

Picture if you will, the archetypal moment with all performers throughout the ages: bear skinned caveman over mastadon bones, angelic youth in a toga with aulos, Franz Liszt & Bugs Bunny in tux and finally myself at piano – arched back, clubs raised, hair and long ears thrown back, with arms raised ready to begin when suddenly…

“HAACKKKKKKKKKK…cough..cough ..COUGGGGGGH!!… kaff………………..kaff kaff!!

What is it about quiet moments requiring rapt attention that elicits the worst coughing fits imaginable? Any ideas?

I think most of us would have liked to have used Bugs’ “take matters into his own hands” solution featured in below video. But I guess the rest of us will have to imagine it in our heads.


Bugs Bunny and Franz Liszt
Jon Raney

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